Christmas in pictures + some bokeh fun

How we spent Christmas day plus some bokeh Christmas tree photography

A slightly early (or very late, depending on how you look at it) New Year’s resolution of mine was to take more photos at Christmas, on Christmas Day in particular. Usually we’re all having too much fun to remember to take some snaps so I simply made sure I left my camera in the living room with us to remind me to pick it up every now and then. I’m pleased to say it worked! 

We had a truly lovely day, starting off with breakfast and presents as just the two of us, then heading to my Mum and Dad’s for more presents, the most delicious lunch and several board games. The day went far too quickly (except for that game of Risk you can see below, that went on for hours!!) but time spent together was much needed for us all after a busy year. 

The second part of this resolution was to try out a bokeh effect on the Christmas tree, again I was desperate to try it last year, but having only just moved in we didn’t have a tree up and I never had time while round my parents’ house. So I used this tutorial from Katie at Life of Kitty and made a Christmas tree shaped bokeh, I’m not going to lie; taking photographs with it was a lot of fun! Definitely going to make a different shaped one for next year - I can feel a new tradition coming on. I also had to try it at night and at day time and really like both sets of images, perhaps I’ll print them as my Christmas cards for next year...

How did you celebrate the big day? Let me know in the comments or leave links to your Christmas posts! 



  1. They are fabulous photos! Our Christmas Day was bitter sweet, lovely to have all my children and partners over, my Dad and my sister but sad without my lovely Mum who sadly passed away in October. But there is always joy in the day, Jane x

    1. Thank you. I'm glad you found some joy Jane xx

  2. Gorgeous photos! My Christmas was spent with my grandparents. I ate too much trifle, read seriously trashy Christmas-themed chick lit, and went for a stomp in the woods to try and counteract the trifle :p xxx

  3. Your day looks fun and that bokeh is a nice festive touch. I just love that shot of the board game playing. x



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