Springtime surprise project – what I sent

As I mentioned in my last post, this month I joined the Springtime Surprise Project hosted by Captured by Lucy. I've already revealed the gorgeous gift I was sent by Cristina, so today I thought I'd share what I sent to her.

Cristina mentioned she liked simplicity, beauty and mindful living and having seen a glimpse inside Cristina's house on her blog, I designed a simple flower embroidery to compliment a lovely purple colour used throughout her home. It's the first time I've attempted an embroidery like this, so kept things simple using backstitch, but I learnt a new skill with the French knots on the dandelion head, which I expected to take forever and be really fiddly, but they were surprisingly easy to do!

To go with the embroidery I made a simple pom pom bookmark in some chunky purple wool and continued the purple theme with a little lilac heart soap and some patterned papers for her origami makes. I also found some cute bicycle paperclips and bakers twine, which I thought represented the mindfulness of cycling and baking, to complete the package. I'm delighted to report Cristina liked her gifts!

I'd love to take part in some more gift swaps, are there any you would recommend?



  1. Ooh that's really pretty! I missed signing up for the springtime project but I've signed up for Lucy's summer project :-) xx

    1. Thanks, brilliant you will love it! I'll be joining in again! :) xx

  2. It looks lovely - and congratulations on learning a new skill! xxx

  3. This is all so lovely and thoughtful I just adore it! I am running a Summer swap, would love you to join in again and I am sure Oh Comely magazine are running theirs again, which inspired this one, in May xxxxx

  4. Oh this is so pretty! I need to try doing something like this.



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