Don't tell by Karen Rose - A book review

Shhh... he's coming for you. Don't tell

I'm ashamed to say I'm totally one of those people who judge books by their cover (books only though) and therefore if I hadn't been leant this book by a colleague, which came with a glowing review, I probably wouldn't have picked it up off a shelf and that would have been such a shame. After quite a few chic lit reads recently this thriller was a welcome change, even if the first few murder descriptions were a bit graphic for my liking. I can't decide if they got tamer as the book progressed or if I got used to them! Anyway back to the review...

Plot - the story centres on Caroline Stewart who builds a new life in Chicago after running away from her violent husband. Just as she and her son are starting to feel safe after seven years away, her old car is pulled from the lake making her husband realise they could still be alive and he embarks on a murderous journey to track them down.

Rather than being a strict thriller, Rose manages to weave in a love interest in the form of Caroline's new boss Max Hunter, and for a while this 'will they, won't they' overshadows the reader's fear of her husband tracking her down. It's a well written book and Caroline and Max's characters have real depth, you certainly can't see all their actions coming, which is something I often find in thrillers. Rose also manages to twist your emotions and loyalties to different characters, just when you decide to feel sorry for one of them she manages to make you question it! I won't give away the ending but it's a good one, a 'just one more chapter before bed' kind of ending.

Just one word of caution from the colleague who lent me the book, apparently some of Rose's books can be quite similar, so she wouldn't suggest reading them back to back. I’ll definitely be reading more in the future though.



  1. I love a good thriller and have seen this (in the supermarket I think!) but never picked it up - apparently I too judge them by their covers!! But sounds like this one is maybe worth a go. I haven't read any others of hers either so thank you!
    M x Life Outside London

    1. Yes I must stop doing that! Hope you enjoy it :) x



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