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Loving the red roses the boyfriend brought home for Valentine's Day, they lasted a week and were the first fresh flowers we've had in the new house. I also love that we have somewhere to put vases now, our old flat was so dark they could only go on the window sill, but here they look lovely on a sideboard/cupboard thing the boyfriend's parents have just donated to us!

Reading Don't tell by Karen Rose, another book that has me hooked. Here's my version of the bio - Caroline Stewart starts a new life after running from her abusive husband. Just as she finds a new love interest, a car is pulled out of a lake in her old town and her violent husband realises she could still be alive... yep it’s a nail biter.

Crocheting this giraffe for a friend's baby. I'm getting dangerously close to running out of wool, but have just started the body of the giraffe and then it's just a case of stuffing and sewing together! I've really been enjoying picking this up for an evening in front of the TV. I am slightly terrified at the prospect of having to sew it all together though.

Photographing some deer, although my wildlife photography skills still leave a lot to be desired! We're so lucky to live just a short walk from Parham Park and have recently been two Sunday's on a row for a walk amongst the snowdrops and ancient trees. Getting outdoors at the weekend is so important if you spend all week in an office, we always come home refreshed and ready for a cup of tea!


  1. Your giraffe is darling. I hope the yarn gods smile on you and have sent just enough to get it done!

  2. Love this post =] Especially the roses.


  3. Such a cute giraffe you got going there! Hope you share what the little guy looks like when it's completed!

  4. Ooh good luck on the wool front, it's looks like there could be enough... It's a lovely colour :)

  5. That book sounds amazing, and a bit like Sleeping With The Enemy (starring the inimitable Julia Roberts. Or "Jules" as I call her, because we're secret bffs).

    That giraffe is amazing- your friend and her baby are going to be thrilled! Xxx



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