Knitted tartan sampler

Today we have a combination of two of my favourite things - knitting and tartan! I've often wondered if it's possible to knit a tartan pattern, but as I've yet to conquer fair isle or intarsia type knitting I figured it would be a while before I was able to try it. That was until I saw a fab tutorial for knitted tartan, using a line of crochet to create the vertical lines. Genius.

I had to have a go for myself and without any firm ideas of what I wanted to do with knitted tartan and with a long list of projects that need to come first, I just used a few bits of leftover wool to try a little sampler.

It's a really clever technique - you knit changing colour for your horizontal lines then where you'd like the vertical lines simply work a purl stitch on each row. You'll end up with a gutter running through the knitting, which you then work a row of crochet slip stitches along.

You can see a full tutorial here.

What would you knit with this tartan pattern?


  1. You are right. This is absolutely genius! I originally got into crochet because I bought a hook to help me pick up stitches in my knitting but this has blown my mind!

    1. Thanks - I love what you can find on pinterest!

  2. You're so talented! I'm sure i'd even up in a yarn knot if I attempted this!

    1. Aw thanks - it was quite easy though, the crochet line took a few attempts, but I just watched the video closely! x

  3. Tartan is a big love of mine we have it on a wall in the kitchen, cushions in the living room and are talking of having a tartan carpet.
    I'm going to have a go at the knitting and although I can't crotchet I've got a friend who can. A nice baked cake should ensure she'll do it for me.
    I've joined you merry gang of followers now and added you to my library on my blog. Won't miss anything now haha



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