Inspired by: the robin

New year, new feature. Following last year's monthly floral and feather edits featuring all things floraly and feathery, this year each month will see a different bird or flower take centre stage in my new 'inspired by' series. Posts will feature inspiring photographs, products and crafts spotlighting my monthly focus.

We're kicking things off with everyone's favourite winter bird, the robin. Inspired by a lovely little fellow who has been visiting our new garden the last few weeks. (Although the image here was taken a few years ago).

LOVE    Robin redcurrant cushion | Howkapow

MAKE    A hand-painted button is the finishing touch to any craft project | Miss Beatrix Shop

WEAR    Robin print dress | Boden


  1. I love that dress! And now I'm lost on the Boden website...

  2. Brilliant idea for a post series. I look forward to many more! x

  3. Great series idea! Thank you so much for featuring my button. X

  4. That dress is ruddy gorgeous! I look forward to seeing what you choose for February :) xxx

    1. I think it's going to be a floral one... :) xxx

  5. As I was reading your post I thought "ooh I love that cushion", then "ooh I love that button" quickly followed with "ooh that dress is amazing!" Excellent idea for a series and excellent choices too! :-) xx

  6. I love the dress! I'm just wondering which colour is the real one. The clothes tent to look different in magazines. Any idea?

  7. I absolutely love that Robin dress! Such a good find :)



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