2014 in four makes

I don’t feel as though I’ve even slowed down enough to start taking a proper look back at last year yet or think ahead with some resolutions. But something I have found time to do is look back at some of my favourite makes from 2014, one thing I love about blogging is that it’s so easy to look back at all you have made and achieved. These have made the favourites list for various reasons, but one thing they have in common is that they are still all in regular use – always a sign of a successful creation in my book.

Knitted shrug
While I’ve still not been brave enough to try a knitted jumper, I think my first knitted shrug turned out pretty well. I still adore the colour and pattern, and am wishing spring would hurry up so I can wear it again.

Crochet cushion
Possibly my biggest achievement in 2014 was learning to crochet, something that has been on my list for so long – I finally made it a resolution last new year and actually stuck to it! I LOVE this cushion… can you tell?

DIY painted table
Furniture DIYs always seem to take that bit more commitment because you can’t fiddle with them as you sit on the sofa watching TV, this one involved a couple of hours over several days in my parents’ garage which made it all the sweeter when I finally took it, finished, back to our flat. It now looks great in our new house too.

Knitted dinosaur
Last year was the first year I’ve started giving my handmade items as gifts and Dino my knitted dinosaur went down so well with my friend and her beautiful new baby boy. I’ve already had a request for a giraffe from a newly pregnant friend, watch this space in 2015!

Ps. You may notice a few changes to floral and feather’s design and layout over the next few weeks, I’m having a bit of a play. Eek!


  1. I completely agree with you. I loved looking back at all the things I made this year. Happy New Year! X

  2. That dinosaur really is brilliant. Here's to a crafty 2015 xxx

    1. Thank you :) Yes busy planning 2015 makes! xxx

  3. That shrug is beautiful! I made one early last year and completely forgot about it! Thanks for reminding me - I'll be sure to pull mine out and wear it ASAP! Love that dino! It will be well loved for many years to come!

    1. I didn't wear mine for ages but rediscovered it during the hot weather last summer! Tempted to make another dino too :)

  4. That crochet cushion cover is absolutely gorgeous :) I love it! My Nan taught me to crochet but I'm not brave enough to attempt anything more than a tea coaster :P
    Lovely makes ^.^

    Sarah xxo




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