The forgotten garden – a book review

Yet another book involving historical houses and mysteries spanning several generations, I seem to have a bit of a theme going on at the moment... anyway...

Title: The forgotten garden

By: Kate Morton

What happens?: Cassandra’s grandmother, Nell, dies leaving Cassandra a mystery cottage in Cornwall. It soon becomes clear that the cottage, once home to a mysterious Authoress, is the key to a long lost family secret.

The story moves through the Victorian era to the 1970s and finally the present day, while the characters cross Australia, London and Cornwall to unravel their family secret. An unusual feature was the extracts from the Authoress’ fairytales scattered throughout the book, each fairytale was clearly inspired by her own life and acted as little clues to help the reader to unravel more. But, just when I thought I’d got it figured out there was a brilliant, unexpected twist.

Now that the evenings are getting darker (and colder) I'd definitely recommend it as one to curl up with in the candle or firelight!


  1. Hello! This sounds like a good one to try. I read 'The House at Riverton' a few years (possibly more) ago and liked it...
    I also enjoy a bit of social history/country house stuff so will be adding this one to the reading list.
    And it looks like we have similar alphabet mugs. Just the perfect size and weight for an afternoon cup of tea :)

  2. This is definitely going straight on my To Read list. Unravelling the mysteries of Cornish cottages sounds like the perfect way to spend a gloomy evening! xxx

  3. Another great sounding book!

  4. Ooh, I read this a few years ago, I remember really enjoying it but my memory must be getting worse (in my old age...) as I can't for the life of me remember what the twist was! xx



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