The Country Living Spring Fair

Last week I was lucky enough to head up to the Country Living Spring Fair with work. It was a long day (how do people commute to London everyday) but a great day. The fair was filled with exhibitors offering gorgeous home accessories, flowers, fabric, clothes, jewellery, ceramics, chocolate, craft accessories and more.

Working on our stand kept me very busy, so I only had a quick break to explore which was a shame as there were lots of eye catching things I would have liked a closer look at! Next year I’d definitely make the effort to go on a day I wasn’t working as well to take part in some of the craft workshops and watch some of the demonstrations by sellers and makers. I managed to glimpse people decorating chocolate eggs, trying watercolour painting and making felt Easter chicks – all of which looked great fun.

You can't have a country home without flowers 

Gorgeous fabrics 

Very interesting chairs and lamps 

Everybody loves a satchel
Which London fairs have you been to?


  1. Wow it all looks so lovely :) x

  2. I'm sad that I've missed this one; I went to the Ideal Home Show last year which was fun, but Country Living looks much more "me". Love that chair with the countryside pattern xxx

    1. Yes, my friend has been to the Ideal Home Show for quite a few times but I'm not sure how it compares to Country Living. xx

  3. That looks so lovely. All so pretty. I keep having to remind myself that I don't need a satchel, but I so want one!

  4. I've never been to a London fair, or London for that matter but these pictures seriously had me ooohhhing at the loveliness of it all! :) xxx

  5. Jealous! Looks absolutely amazing.

    Oh my goodness, I have no idea how people manage the London commute. My husband went to Berkshire for a business trip, so I tagged along and went into to London almost every day for sightseeing (and to have lunch with a friend, which was really nice). It took a bus and a train to get me into town totaling over an hour to get 20 miles! Crazypants!



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