The Harry Potter Studio Tour a.k.a the best day!

As you can probably guess from the title I had the best day at the Harry Potter Studio Tour last week, I had been slightly worried that it might ruin the magic (sorry) of the films however it did the complete opposite and made me want to re-watch them immediately. It’s a fair drive from home but it really was a great birthday present from the boyfriend, who also admitted to enjoying it far more than he was expecting too! We saw costumes and props, whole sets and lots of behind the scenes footage of the films being made, which was fascinating. Here are just a few of my pictures...



  1. I really can't express my jealousy right now! haha
    Glad you had a fab time, wish I lived closer!
    And how lovely of your boyfriend to take you - it was like drawing blood from a stone getting my partner to even watch the films let alone go to the studio tour haha.


  2. Wow :o) We are hoping to go at some point - great pictures.

  3. I hope you stole a wand from Ollivander's!



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