DIY ombre butterfly cross stitch

After the success of my cross stitch bunny over Easter I was busy searching for inspiration when it struck in the form of ombre butterflies, of course. I’ve had this three part frame for a few years and never got round to filling it with anything personal (it came with some illustrations of Indian ladies in, it wasn’t empty!) anyway the spaces are almost too small for photos so a few small cross stitch designs seemed the perfect plan and I love how they’ve turned out.

I couldn’t find a suitable butterfly pattern on the internet so made my own by counting the number of cross stitch squares that would fit nicely in each frame then drawing a design onto squared paper. Easy!

Then I simply chose three threads in various shades of turquoise, my favourite colour, stitched away and then arranged in the frames from dark to light. If you don’t have a frame with three spaces you could use three small matching, or contrasting frames – which would look great hung on a wall.

I hope you’ve all had a great week, it was my birthday on Wednesday and I was lucky enough to visit the Harry Potter studio tour...  It. Was. Amazing. I’ll share some pictures next week!


  1. Happy belated Birthday- glad to hear you had a magical day! Love the ombre effect- they look very sweet! xx

  2. Lovely cross stitch project - the colours work really well in that frame!

    Your scissors are really pretty as well - must get myself a pair like that sometime.

    Sounds like you had a good birthday - look forward to seeing the pictures! :-) x

    1. Thanks they're from Cath Kidston! X

  3. So pretty! I love the little 3 frame :)

  4. This is SO pretty! such a lovely make.

    Happy Belated Birthday x

  5. Absolutely lovely! So simple, but effective :)

    PS thank you for stopping by my blog!



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