I heart knitted fingerless gloves

Not that I want to go on and on about the weather but I’d assumed I wouldn’t get to use these knitted gloves until next winter, but after finishing them a few weeks ago they’ve come in very useful! They accompanied me on a walk last weekend and as you can see they were perfect for layering over some thin black gloves.

The pretty heart pattern is one I found on ravelry – which I’m now obsessed with, free knitting patterns AMAZING. I’d highly recommend trying this one out and it encouraged forced me to learn magic loop knitting (see earlier post for a tutorial) and something called an afterthought thumb, which isn’t explained on the pattern but this step by step guide is really helpful.

They took just a few #creativesunite sessions to complete, once I’d figured the magic loop thing out and I think I’ll be doing some more for Christmas presents later in the year.

They also look good worn without gloves underneath; perhaps I’ll try this outdoors when the temperature rises a bit!


  1. I adore fingerless gloves - always great for keeping my fingers somewhat warm in the winter and still being able to use my camera.

  2. Cute. I live in mine. I have poor circulation so I wear a pair most of the time!

  3. These are really lovely, actually makes me want to try knitting again!

  4. Protect the palms of the hands and add grip in the event of a fall
    fingerless gloves



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