Ever heard of craftivism? Nope I hadn’t either until I read a brilliant, inspiring blog post by Hilary over at CraftblogUK earlier this week. Basically you get to be creative, in the comfort of your own home, whilst helping those who really need it, what's not to love?

Craftivism is a form of activism through crafts, you can find out more on the Craftivist Collective website. Their latest project the #imapiece jigsaw supports Save the Children’s Race Against Hunger Campaign. Save the Children are asking the UK Government to prioritise hunger at the G8 summit later this year. The Craftivist Collective will be creating a giant art instillation out of jigsaw pieces to deonstrate support of those across the country to Save the Children's campaign. It’s easy to join in, simply download a template, information pack and sign the petition – all found here.

This is my first piece which I’ll send to be included in the final jigsaw art instillation, before making another next weekend to send to my local MP. As it’s the thought that counts the pieces really don’t have to be perfect and it was nice to make something for a cause rather than as a gift or for myself for a change!

To me ‘we can all make a difference’ means that we’re all capable of making a difference in the world, so why always leave it to others. I’m a piece of the solution.


  1. This is so brilliant - thanks for getting involved! :))

  2. You have inspired me to make one this week...the save the children adverts over christmas time made me give my little baby an extra big hug x



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