DIY swan hair slides

I received these gorgeous swan earrings for Christmas and as you may have guessed from the title of this blog I love anything with a bird or feather print. But sadly I don’t have pierced ears; I know this is quite rare right?! I DID have them pierced several times over the years but every time they appeared to be allergic to all manner of metals, I even tried completely plastic earrings before finally giving up. Clearly it wasn’t meant to be! I usually pass earring presents onto a friend or relative but these swans were just too pretty to give up on. As they were only £2.50 (thanks to my male friend for leaving the price on) I figured I’d have a go at turning them into hair slides. This is also for anyone with a collection of odd and spare earrings after one of the pair has been lost.

You will need
Stud earrings / earring
Hair slide
Metal file
Blue tack

Using the pliers cut off the earring back as close to the stud as possible. If you are left with anything sharp use the metal file to sand down the back until smooth (I found one in my Dad’s garage but sandpaper would also work).

Next place stud facedown with hair slide onto, use blue tack if needed to keep the hair slide balanced. Then carefully superglue, I used araldite but would not recommend it – had to apply two coats as the first was not strong enough.

 Leave to dry and style as you wish!


  1. What a great little DIY!

    I was third time lucky with my ear piercing, Fenwicks pierce ears with 18carate gold...apparently my body has expensive taste! The only thing that worked!

    1. Thanks! It's stange isn't it, I can wear metal rings, necklaces etc with no problem!

  2. Lovely idea,I have my ears pierced but never where earrings and they refuse to close up. Will definitely try this with some tiny cherry earnings I never wear :)

  3. So cute, thanks for sharing!
    xo K

  4. ahhh they are so sweet! What a great idea, I definitely have a lot of lonely earrings I could do this with! xx




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