How to regrow basil from a cutting

Did you know you can regrow basil from a cutting? No, well I'm glad it wasn't just me who missed the memo on that one! It's so easy to do and saves spending money on a new plant for the kitchen every few months. Basil is one of my favourite herbs and although it comes into its own in the summer, you can't beat a tomato and basil soup or stew topped with some fresh basil in the winter. So I’m pretty pleased to have discovered this little trick.

Here's how to turn your fresh basil plant into an endless supply:

First, cut a stem of basil roughly 10cm long, making the cut underneath a leaf node, which is a part on the stem where new leaves sprout – the close up picture shows an example. Then remove most of the leaves, leaving only the top ones. 

I cut two stems, but you could do more if you like and share among friends and family when they’re potted.

Place in a glass jar full of water and leave on a windowsill in sunlight. Try and change the water every few days. 

After a week or two (I'd almost given up, but hang on in there) you should start to notice new roots sprouting from the stem! Leave on the windowsill for another couple of weeks until the roots are starting to fill the glass like below.

Then pot into individual pots and leave in a bright sunny place - I'm hoping all the cloudy days we're having won't affect these little fellas too much. Make sure to water them regularly and try not to pick any leaves until they've gown a bit bigger.

Easy and no more need to buy new basil plants! 


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  1. Didn't know I can do that! Bookmarked this! I have had two basil plants and they died. Hopefully third time lucky next time :)

    Katrina Sophia



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