How to make a fabric pom-pom

Easy DIY fabric pom-poms to decorate your home or party

Let's face it, pom-poms are back and here to stay - which is no bad thing in my book! So in the spirit of #worldpomination I figured it was only right to make a couple of pom-pom decorations for my next Sew Crafty Design Team project, to adorn our garden, wedding, home, they could even become the new yarn bomb. And they are so quick to make that you'll have a pile of pom-poms in no time! 

Of course the gorgeous fabrics can't help but add to how happy these pom-poms make me - colourful confetti spots and hello, gingham! I think all my garden party dreams are coming true. I've used both a large pom-pom maker and even larger cardboard circles to make these so they're lovely and big. Read on for both methods...

You will need

Gingham fabric*
Confetti dots fabric*
Pom-pom maker* or cardboard (or both)

To make a fabric pom-pom using a pom pom maker 

1. Cut your fabric into thin strips about 3cm wide. The more fabric strips you have the fuller your pom-pom will look, I used less than half a meter for this pom-pom.

2. Once you have a pile of fabric strips, open one side of your pom-pom maker and wrap the fabric around the arm. Repeat with the other side.

3. Cut through the middle of each side of your pom-pom maker.

4.Wrap string around the pom-pom maker and pull so that it pulls the fabric together into the centre of the pom-pom maker. Tie a few knots, then pull the pom-pom maker apart to release your pom-pom! Fluff up and trim as needed to get a lovely circular shape.

So easy.

To make a fabric pom-pom using cardboard

 1. Draw a large circle with a smaller circle inside onto cardboard and cut out to make a donut shape (dinner plates and candles make good templates), then draw around this to make a second donut.

2. Cut your fabric into roughly 5cm wide strips, I actually made a small cut and then ripped mine, which created a nice frayed effect and created a fuller pom-pom. I wouldn't do this for the smaller pom-pom though as really thin strips just curl up and hide the lovely pattern.

3. Place your two cardboard donuts (damn, I really want a donut now) on top of each other and wrap with the fabric.

4. Cut though the edge of the donut using the gap between the two pieces of card as a guide.

5. Slide some string between the two pieces of card, pull tight and then tie around your pom-pom. Leave a long tail for hanging.

I love how they look hung outdoors in particular, so colourful and fun! They'll definitely be making an appearance at our wedding and after that I think they'll take up residence in this tree on sunny summer days.

*some of the materials for this project were supplied by Sew Crafty, but all tutorials and opinions are my own.



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  2. That looks cute! You are so crafty!

  3. Pompoms are so back! Can't believe they are that easy to DIY!



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