Easy DIY embroidery hoop wedding table numbers

Make these simple embroidery hoop table decorations in no time - a stylish addition to your wedding or party

If you read my thoughts for 2017 post back in January you'll have seen that I'm getting married this year; so when it came to picking my first Sew Crafty Design Team project of 2017, it had to be a wedding make! Right at the beginning of planning I fell in love with this image of an embroidery hoop table centerpiece on pinterest (the photo simply links to a photographers website), but luckily I knew I could make my own to add a fun, handmade vibe to our village hall reception.

These are so simple to make and only took about an evening per number, plus the relaxing nature of hand sewing helps calm the pre-wedding nerves. They're inexpensive and won't break the bank either. Plus you could totally hang one on your wall after as a keep sake and then reuse the other hoops - win, win! 

You will need

Wooden embroidery hoops* x 15cm - one for each table
Embroidery thread* in blue 130, black - 403 and mustard - 307
Linen fabric
Stripe cotton ribbon*
Cotton lace*
Pencil/water erasable pen

How to

1. Cut your fabric into a square a few centimeters larger than your embroidery hoop.

2. Draw or trace your number onto your fabric and insert into the hoop.

3. Using simple backstitch embroider your number with the embroidery floss. I used the floss at full thickness to speed up the process. Keep the back as neat as possible by weaving in your ends as this will also be on display. 

4. Remove any trace of pencil of the erasable pen and iron if needed.

5. Wrap a section of the outer hoop with your lace or ribbon then re-inset the fabric with the number in the centre.

6. Make sure you're completely happy with the placement of the number and lace (as you won't be able to move it after the next bit..) then cut the excess fabric from the back of the hoop, keeping as close to the wooden edge as possible. 

Voila! Stand them against flower filled jam-jars for a pretty table decoration. You could use any left over ribbon and lace to tie around flower vases and candle holders to tie the whole thing together. If you wanted to go even further you could spray paint the hoops first, use patterned fabric, sparkly threads or even beads, the opportunities to make them your own are endless.

Happy crafting!

*some of the materials for this project were supplied by Sew Crafty, but all opinions are my own



  1. They are fabulous! Good luck with everything. When my daughter got married three years ago, I loved all the planning, crafting, setting up the venue for her reception. It was in a Georgian Town Hall and we had the whole building to decorate how we wanted, it was lovely. Look forward to hearing more! Jane x

  2. Oh, these are lovely! What a nice idea! I handpainted florals for mine, which I think people appreciated. Each table was named after a flower. I thought it added a nice touch and it kind of went with our country garden theme (it was in our garden after all!). Afterwards people said to me the thing they liked most was how much of 'us' there was in the wedding, in the number of things we had made and done ourselves. I am sure you are going to be getting similar comments, and I imagine you will have a few takers for taking the rest of the numbers off your hands! :-) x



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