Crochet fox hat | finished project

The cutest fox ears baby hat and link to free pattern

Ta-dah, my first finished crochet project of 2017 and is it not the cutest crochet baby hat ever? I've wanted to make one of these for a while, so a friend (who happens to love foxes) having a baby just before Christmas was all the excuse I needed!

It was fairly quick to make and I even had the perfect colours already in my yarn stash (love when that happens). The crochet pattern is by Jenny from Sweeping up glitter; it uses US terms but as it’s such a simple pattern I was able to translate it into UK as I went - replacing the dc with tc and then the sc with dc. The only time I got into difficulty was my own fault for not reading ahead on the pattern and crocheting the whole of the ears together in the orange. Oops. I had to unpick a bit to get the brown to sit properly on the tips of the ears, they really make the hat though so it was worth it to get it right. 

My friend loved it! I was a little worried it looked too big for a newborn, but it fitted perfectly and was stretchy enough to also fit her two year old. I'm slightly tempted to make some adult sized ones as gifts too, perhaps in a slightly more rust shade of orange to make them a bit more adult appropriate… 

Orange yarn - Stylecraft Special DK in Spice

What animal ears would you wear?



  1. Awwww, so cute! Adult sized versions would make awesome gifts. I have a bear hat with pom poms for ears and despite probably looking like a five year old I absolutely love it.

  2. Oh this is the cutest, how lovely! I used to have a bear hat that was a similar style, but it had a little face on the front of the hat, always made me smile and laugh. I won't lie, I'd love an adult sized version of this too! Foxes are the cutest. - Tasha



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