How to make a glitter holly Christmas card

Easy DIY Christmas card with detachable decoration

Despite making my own Christmas cards every year I realised I've never actually shown you any, mainly because I'm usually making them in a ridiculous rush two days before Christmas... but thankfully, this year I've been a bit more organised. So today I'm sharing my super quick and easy handmade Christmas card, featuring the most gorgeous glittery felt you ever did see from Sew Crafty shop, plus you can detach the holly and use it as a Christmas decoration the following year!

You will need

Holly decorations (see below)
Blank cards and envelopes 
Glitter felt*
Mini pegs*
Double sided tape


First make your holly decorations, I crocheted mine using this leaf pattern from Attic 24 and this berry pattern from From Home Crochet. But you could make them out of card, fabric or even upcycle an existing Christmas decoration.

Attach string to your holly decoration and tie into a knot, making sure the knot is hidden behind the decoration.

Take your glitter felt and lay right side down, then place your card on top at an angle and draw around it. While you have your pencil in hand use a ruler to find the centre point on the card and put a small dot where you want your peg to go. 

Cut out your piece of felt and cover the back with double sided tape. Then carefully stick onto the front of your card.

Clip the peg over your decoration then cut a very small piece of double sided tape and stick it on the back of your peg.

Finally stick the peg to the front of your card - over the dot you made earlier, and ta-dah one finished Christmas card, quicker than you can sing deck the halls!

Have you made any Christmas cards this year?

*some of the materials for this project were supplied by Sew Crafty, but all opinions are my own.


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