Recently I've been...

Baking a citrus Maderia cake because I've scummed to the rule that you can't watch Bake Off without cake! It was also an excuse to try a recipe from last year's recipe book Bake Off Celebrations. I went with a summery citrus cake this time, but can't wait to try some of the autumnal and (dare I say it...) festive recipes, they look SO GOOD.

Exploring the gorgeous Charleston Farm House in East Sussex, the home of Bloomsbury Group members Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant. It became the Bloomsbury Group's country meeting place in the 1920s and beyond and every inch is covered with their decorative paintings and quirky furniture. The effect is stunning and you feel as though you are walking inside a painting yourself. Sadly, you can't take photographs inside the house, but here's one from the equally glorious and colourful garden.

Reading War and Peace; I didn't know the story before watching the BBC adaptation earlier this year and happened to mention to my Mum that although I enjoyed it I felt like the story line moved quite fast, well now I've seen the size of the book I can see why - there's a lot to get through! I'm not very far in yet, the font is tiny and there's so many Russian names to keep track of... have you read it? I'd love to know if you think it's worth persevering with?

Waiting not very patiently for the last of my tomatoes to ripen. Last year they got this big and then died, so I'm thrilled to have made it this far this year! We've already had lots but there are still some green ones waiting to turn red, which I'm hoping they'll do before it gets too cold for them...

What have you been up to?



  1. I confess I started War and Peace a long LONG time ago and gave up. I've never really been tempted to go back either. I did watch the adaptation though and the story is a good one but that book! I just am not tempted. (Sorry, I felt more strongly about that than I thought I would!) And good luck with your tomatoes, we didn't grow ours this year but I've earmarked a little patch in the garden to turn into my growing patch next year.
    M x

    1. Haha thanks for the advice! I've already started reading another book, maybe I'll go back to War and Peace another time. Good luck with your growing patch next year, these were just in our border but I also want to make a little raised vegetable bed for next year. X

  2. Yay for cake! I like the idea of having cake to eat whilst eating GBBO but don't always manage it. Your cake looks very inticing with the icing dripping down the sides. And congratulations with your tomato plant, it's looking great. I tried to grow tomatoes once and only managed to grow one measley tomato. I ended up giving the poor plant to my more green fingered uncle to look after. Saying that, I've managed to keep an ivy plant and a geranium alive this summer so perhaps I'm improving!

    1. Thank you! Like I said last year my tomatoes were a massive fail, so it's only down to perseverance that I managed to get actual tomatoes this year. Well done on your ivy and geranium, I'm not a natural gardener either! X



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