Finished project | first attempt at knitted socks

I never seem to knit anything seasonally appropriate, you could say it was because I'm always behind with my works in progress (these, for example were supposed to be finished for Father's Day in June), but I prefer to think of it as being ahead as they won't be useful until winter, so August is still way ahead of time... ahem.

You definitely don't want to be wearing these in August (other than for photographic purposes, like I have of course) because they are super warm and cosy. With their ribbed pattern and cream tone they epitomise classic wellie boot socks at their best - simple, yet stylish and practical. 

The basic pattern is a vintage Bellmans Aran Knitting B1207 pattern belonging to my Mum. It's knitted flat from the top down and then seamed together. But instead of following the cable pattern I knitted rib (k4, p2) at the request of my Dad and also cast on 73 stitches rather than the recommended 53 as his current pair were too tight at the top. Because of this the top half did seem to take ages to knit and I'm not a fast knitter. Turning the heel and knitting up the stitches to join took a little bit of figuring out luckily my Mum and YouTube were on hand to advise. I also caused myself a headache by not detailing my pattern amendments very well when knitting the first sock, by the time it came for me to knit the second I'd forgotten what I'd done and my notes didn't make sense! It look me a whole evening to figure out - lesson learned for next time. 

But as usual now I've finished I'm so happy with them as is my Dad, which is the main thing! 

Wool - Sirdar Supersoft Aran, shade 0859



  1. These look like the absolutely perfect wellie socks, love them so much! <3

  2. I'm a recent sock knitting convert and now you've made my projects longer by showing me these utterly fabulous long socks! They're really beautiful, you must be delighted with them. xx



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