DIY leather tassel key ring

How to make a leather tassel key ring (without a glue gun) in less than 30 minutes

Add a pop of colour to your outfit with this simple leather tassel key ring DIY. I needed a bit of yellow to add to a recent party outfit, so decided a little handmade leather tassel charm was the answer. It's easy, quick and cheap to make. Most other leather tassel tutorials require a glue gun, but as I don't own one you can make this simply by using a slipknot and needle! 

You will need:
Small piece of leather or leather type fabric 
Keyring or similar (I used the clip from an old lanyard)
Needle with a large eye

How to:
Cut your leather into long thin strips and set one strip aside.

Thread the strips through the keyring and hold in place.

Create a slip knot in the piece of leather you have put aside making sure one end has a long tail.

Thread your slipknot over the top of the key ring and pull tight. Cut the short tail from the slipknot.

Thread the longer tail through your needle, wrap around the tassel to cover the knot then thread underneath to secure.

Attach to your bag or keys! 

I'm loving this sunshine yellow at the moment, what colour would you make? 


1 comment:

  1. I love this Zoe! I'll definitely have to make one of these - I love the yellow you chose. My favourite colour is green so I need to find some material and make one for my work bag so I can bring in some colour with me! - Tasha



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