Finished project | Crochet tissue box cover

How much do these colours make you think of spring?! They are making me so very happy, and I'm even happier with this finished, ice cream coloured, crochet tissue box cover. Tissue boxes are a bit of a catch-22 aren't they, you need 'em around in the winter but they really aren't pretty to look at (unless you're happy to spend more on a fancier box, which I'm not…). So after a few months of eyeing the ugly tissue box on my beautifully painted white and yellow bedside table, it struck me that I could crochet a reusable cover for it!

I can't remember if I checked ravelry or pinterest first but you can find this free pattern by The Royal Sisters blog on both, here's the link. It was super quick to make, easy enough for a beginner and hardly used any wool. I decided to leave off the scalloped edge as it seemed to fit the tissue box nicely without it and I wanted the pastel colours to do all the talking. I also purposely decided to do the opening and first two rounds of treble crochet in white to camouflage the tissue a bit. 

Wool - Robin double knit in white, yellow, spearmint and peach. Special by Stylecraft double knit in silver.

I'm now wondering what else I can hide with some ice cream coloured crochet… our wi-fi box, next door's satellite dish perhaps? What would you cover in crochet?


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  1. Looks super cute and your yarn color choices go so well together!



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