Recently I've been...

Trying to look after my skin a little more and channelling my inner beauty blogger with a Lush face mask. I've never been good at skincare but what with all the central heating and cold winter air playing havoc with my skin I figured now was a good time to start. Lush was obviously my first port of call and this BB Seaweed mask has certainly left my skin feeling softer. It was my first face mask in years, but I won't leave it so long next time!

Eating Nakd bars, these healthy snack bars* from Natural Balance Foods are dairy, wheat and gluten free and are surprisingly tasty! I was a bit sceptical as the main ingredient in the bars is dates, which I’m not usually a fan of but I’m a complete convert. They come in lots of flavours, so far I’ve tried pecan pie, cocoa orange and berry delight which have all tasted good. I’m particularly excited about the ginger bread one and am saving that until slightly closer to Christmas. Apparently they are also one of your five a day so make a guilt free snack (I can confirm they go well with a cup of tea) and are made in Britain, which I always think is an extra plus point. 

Crocheting a batman birthday card for the boyfriend. The bat was a little fiddly, but didn't take long and he seemed to like it! You can find the pattern here.

Walking at dusk because we keep running out of daylight hours at the weekend! A walk in the dark for some fresh air and exercise is certainly better than no walk at all and I just about caught the end of the sunset on our most recent one. Don't forget your favourite woolly hat, gloves and a torch to light your way home. 

What have you been doing recently?

*sponsored link, item sent for the purpose of a review but all opinions my own.



  1. Lovely post!
    I adore the Nakd bar range, they all taste so good and are definitely better than snacking on chocolate or something! My favourite is probably Bakewell Tart.
    The Lush face masks are lovely, and such a nice treat for your skin. I tend to take care of my skin a lot more in the winter as it does tend to dry out more. xx

    Bethan Likes

  2. Oh I recently bought BB Seaweed too and really like it! My skin hasn't been enjoying this weather lately. And I love Nakd bars too!
    Walking in the dark (with someone of course!) sounds lovely. I need to go on more walks.

  3. I really wanted to try the seaweed one from LUSH a while back but wasn't sure I'd like it so I stuck with my bathbombs, so I'm glad you wrote about it! :) The card looks so cool! I'm all done wrapping my presents, now to just wait for my final exam this week and it'll be officially the holiday! :)
    xx Kenzie

  4. The bars sound scrummy, I'm liking the sound of the cocoa orange and the ginger bread one :) What a awesome card for your boyfriends birthday too! I love the sunset photo too, I love being outdoors.

    I've been working, prepping for Christmas, chilling a little and starting my invisalign journey :)

    Hope you're well Zoe X

  5. Your boyfriend is one lucky fella! I mean, generally, of course; but that card is particularly excellent :) xx



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