#30daysofcomposition - instagram challenge results

This month I completed my first ever instagram photo challenge and joined in with #30daysofcomposition hosted by the wonderful Emma Davies of Photography for Blogs. It was certainly a bit of a challenge remembering to post each day! However I'm feeling pretty good about completing it, so here's a round-up of all the prompts and my images...

Images run left to right on each row
1: viewpoint
2: framing
3: negative space
4: diagonals
5: rule of thirds
6: leading lines
7: symmetry
8: fill the frame
9: triangles

10: balance
11: pattern
12: background
13: straight horizon
14: form/shape
15: texture
16: look into/out of the frame
17: creating depth
18: suggest movement

19: alignment
20: foreground
21: aspect ratio
22: focal point
23: choice of lens
24: colour - complementary
25: colour – mono
26: colour - harmonious
27: colour – discordant

28: abstract
29: repetition
30: break the rules

Check out the hashtag on instagram on twitter to see some brilliant photos from the others who took part. And if you visit Photography for Blogs you can sign up to a year's free photography lessons in weekly emails!    

Have you taken part in any instagram photo challenges?

p.s. I'm always looking for people to follow, so leave your account name in the comments. You can find me here.



  1. Oh wow! What a gorgeous collection of photos - I'm really impressed with how varied they are too. No. 29 is my favourite, even if I can't work out quite what it's of :p xxx

    1. Thanks! Haha it's of cabbages in a vegetable patch (not mine sadly!) :) xxx

  2. Ooh cool images, I love the idea of a photo challenge! Of course, remembering the execution of it is another story... :)

    1. There were a couple of days I only remembered at about 11pm, so a bit close for comfort! :)

  3. The photos look so cool! I always like following new people! My account is kenziedear22 :) xx

  4. Good try! I love all of your IG photos so I am following :) I can never finish one of those IG challenges but I can post daily on my own will no problem! My IG handle is katrinasophiart if you'd like to follow me too.

    Katrina Sophia



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