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A sure sign that spring is approaching, seeing the first scatters of bright white emerging amongst the winter leaves always fills me with excitement for the months ahead, as the weather gets warmer, the days get longer and nature comes back to life. We came across these beauties lit up in the sunlight on a walk this morning.

Despite their claims as some of the first flowering plants each year, I feel snowdrops are often overlooked when it comes to floral patterns and accessories – luckily a few talented makers and designers are leading the way.

  Snowdrop sleeveless dress | Orla Kiely

Botanical snowdrop print | Vicki's Beach House | Etsy

Gold snowdrop earrings | Martha Jackson | Not on the high street

Snowdrop lace scarf | Free pattern | Classic Elite Yarns


  1. Urgh i've been so jealous of all the photographs coming out of the UK of crocus and snowdrops coming up, going to be a good couple of months before I see any signs of spring life and bulbs here in Michigan!

    1. Hopefully it'll be worth the wait when they arrive :)

  2. So cold and snowy here in Canada! No hope of spring flowers for at least 2 months here! I love living vicariously through blogs from the UK. Seasonally, you are so far ahead!!

    1. At least you get proper snow though! Our winters are grey rather than white!

  3. I've just popped over from EmmaMade blog and love your snowdrop posting.
    Coincidentally I did a blog post with a snowdrop myself last week and thought you might like a read of it.
    Hope you can link up
    Ps off to have a further read of your blog now



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