florals and feathers: the October edit

A collection florals and feathers to be admired this month.


Floral rug / Urban Outfitters
I really struggle to find rugs I like, but being both floral and my favourite colour – this one’s a winner!

Crochet feather pattern / Messyla
Having only discovered La’s amazing blog earlier this week, pretty much all of her crochet patterns are now on my ‘to make’ list. Seeing as I’m still new to crochet and this one has simple in the name, it looks like a good one to start with.


Feather stamp / Extase / Etsy
Perfect for adding the finishing touch to cards and gift tags, I really want to start building up a stamp collection, and of course there’s room for a feather one.

Lace feather pen / DIY / Crafty Endeavor
Another possible use for my constant feather collecting, these would be great fun to write with too!


  1. Urban Outfitters do excellent rugs, but I have yet to buy one because I can't choose! xxx

  2. eeeep!!! Thank you so much for mentioning my pattern. I am so happy you liked it and that you tweeted me, because I LOVE your blog. What a fab find on a wednesday night! La xxxx

  3. Well done finding so many floral things that are so Autumnal too! What a great collection!

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog



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