Three ways to re-use a Cath Kidston blackberry case

In my opinion it’s never okay to throw away Cath Kidston (except that time I broke my favourite mug *sobs*) and when I came across my old blackberry phone case during a clear out, I just couldn't bring myself to send it to the charity shop with everything else. It’s just such a pretty floral and it’s blue. So it sat on my bedside table for a week or two while I decided what to do with it, my Samsung phone just doesn't fit, but I was determined to find a way to re-use or DIY it.

Well, I didn't just find one, I found three!

Clutch bag card holder
When my, ahem Cath Kidston, purse won’t fit, I don’t like to just leave cards loose in my handbag so the blackberry case is the perfect size to hold a couple of cards together in a clutch. Disclaimer – I don’t really take my Boots card on nights out, but you get the idea.

Knitting needle organiser
I have a lot of knitting needles and it takes ages to find the matching pair, so I’ve sorted out a couple of my most used for my knitting bag. Don’t they look nice and organised, plus the case protects my current works in progress from the ends of the needles.

Pencil case
You can never find a pen or pencil in our flat and more often than not it’s because they’ve rolled off and underneath the coffee table or sofa. But now they can be stacked neatly on top of our magazines and notepad.

Which is your favourite? I’m currently going for the third at the moment, and wondering what else in my charity shop bag could be re-purposed...


  1. What great ideas - I have a ck business card holder for all my loyalty cards, as there are so many I couldn't shut my purse!

  2. I like the card holder best. It would be really useful for business cards at blogger meet ups!



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