Blackberry picking

What better way to spend a Sunday?

I'd sussed out this spot last year after missing most of the blackberry crop and being determined not to let that happen again this year. Happily it didn't and we picked until we had purple fingers and a full bag (well, enough for pudding and a few for baking with).

We also came home with two feathers and a couple of conkers, not a bad day’s foraging really!


  1. Love that second shot - blackberries are basically the spirit animal of autumn! Except for the bit where they're not animals...

    We're very lucky to have a fruitful blackberry bush in our back garden, so I can pick them in my PJs :) xxx

  2. When I was younger me and my sisters used to love going on long country walks in the Autumn. We always stopped off at a massive blackberry bush and would pick loads and loads to take home. We would then make them into milkshakes ... all mashed up with ice-cream and milk - it looked SO gross and we'd then make my poor Mum drink it!

    Chloe x

  3. Our house came with a couple of blackberry bushes but sadly nothing really came from it, probably because it's not in an lovely sunny spot. Hopefully moving it over the fall might improve it's success. Plenty of raspberries mind!

  4. Such pretty feathers, I always collect them on my walks and such. I've been picking blackberries whenever I go out for walks now, they're everywhere near me and they don't show any signs of slowing down yet, I love this time of year! x


  5. Ooh pretty feathers! I have picked so many blackberries this year, it has been unreal. I have had to freeze most of them! x

  6. It's odd despite living in the countryside I've only spotted a few tiny bushes on my dog walk! Think I need to move house.

  7. Yum! I've just had a bowl of blackberries!



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