Work in progress – a knitted dinosaur

Or a knitted stegosaur to be precise.

Either way, this little knitted dinosaur toy is a present for my friend’s baby boy (due any day now eeek). I’m really enjoying this pattern so far, it’s from ravelry and is knitted in the round using the magic loop method (tutorial on magic loop here).

Don’t you just love that stage when the pattern starts to make sense and reveal itself?! You can now see his head and half his body. It’s a little bigger than I was expecting, slightly concerned it might end up bigger than the baby, but I guess dinosaurs are giant compared to humans so perhaps I’ll just claim it’s to scale...

I’ve not decided what colour to do his stegosaurus spikes yet, but I've named him Dino.


  1. That baby is going to be the luckiest newborn in the whole world- what a fantastic present! I *might* have had this knitted stegosaurus on my Amazon wishlist for almost two years - http://www.rigbyandmac.com/gifts/by_occasion/christmas/stegosaurus_knitted_toy.htm I caved in the end and bought him for my niece for Christmas. xxx

    1. Thanks, just hope I finish it soon. Aw he's amazing! Hope she loved him :) xx



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