Simple DIY: sea glass in a jar

When in Barbados last December I developed a sudden love for collecting sea glass, there was plenty to be found on the beaches and the jewel like colours couldn’t help but catch my eye. It didn’t take long for me to decide that a new home for these pretty pieces would be in a glass jar on our windowsill and voila! - This quick DIY idea was born.

But after a few hours in my beach bag I was disappointed to see just how cloudy and flecked with white the glass had become, I took it home with me and resolved to find a way to get it back to its former glory. And guess what the answer was... baby lotion! After a go at cleaning normally and quite a lot of google-ing I came across baby lotion and it worked perfectly – you can see the difference in the image below.

Once I’d rubbed baby lotion into all the glass pieces (yes, a slightly strange way to spend a Saturday but there we go) I sorted them into colour and then placed into the glass jar, starting with the darkest glass on the bottom. As a finishing touch I tied some string around the top.

I love how simple it is and the memories connected to it, one day I’d love a collection of jars full of things collected from our holidays – much better than tacky tourist souvenirs.

What things do you collect when on holiday?


  1. I actually have a similar DIY in my living room that we made about 3 years ago when living by the sea!
    It's a fish bowl type vase with some sand from the beach at the bottom then lots of beach glass that we collected over time.
    It's lovely when the light shines through!


  2. I use to have a big mason glass filled with shells, I'd love to do the same with the sea glass - i'll have to keep my eyes open when we ever head back to any of the Great Lakes - they have a tonne of the stuff on the shores!

  3. This is such a lovely idea, I love little details and sentimental ornaments like these that are so simple yet wonderful! I will have to do this, maybe with some other things in there too though like shells :)



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