Recently I’ve been...

Reading these magazines, which were a little gift from my mum when I went round for dinner last week. They’ve made the perfect pick me up to the January blues, along with my trusty rabbit lamp of course.

Resolving to let my nails recover after copious amounts of glitter nail varnish over the festive season. In an attempt to look after them better I had a go with my new stylefile; I’m not sure it ‘revolutionises’ nail filing but was fun to try!

Baking chocolate and peanut butter cookies with some of our leftover Christmas chocolate, sadly I don’t have a picture as they disappeared within a day. Oops.

Photographing some of the local flooding. This is usually fields; there should be no water in sight!


  1. Chocolate and peanut butter cookies sound delicious! x


  2. That flooding is crazy! The power of the weather, hey. I hope your home is flood-free.
    I love settling down with a pile of magazines too. Simple pleasures. (PS - cute glasses case!!)

  3. Wow that's some crazy flooding - all the lakes here are iced over because of how darn cold it is!

  4. I know flooding is bad, but that photo is stunning!

    Corinne x

  5. Wowzer, what a crazy flood photo. I've also got that rabbit lamp - I love it! x

  6. I can't believe how much flooding you've been having!

  7. I really wanted the squirrel version of that bunny night light haha xx



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