Scalloped nail art

You might have noticed that there’s been a distinct lack of nail art around here recently and this is mainly because I’ve had quite a few disasters! Chevrons are apparently not my thing, and neither it would seem are coloured French tips - both look great in my head, not so much in real life. I’ve since decided that both failures had something to do with the masking tape I used to try and get clean lines. So, it was time to find something simple but without need for masking tape...


I’m really pleased with these, although they did take practically an entire Harry Potter film to create. After painting your base coat use a different colour and do three graduated brush strokes starting the first one halfway up the nail and finishing the third one in the opposite top corner. Then repeat this with another colour starting even further up the nail. I was worried the left hand would look terrible but for once they look identical!

Collection 2000 Manice in French White - Rimmel Lycra Pro in Aqua Cool - No 7 Stay Perfect in Poolside Blue


  1. That looks great. I can never get my left hand to look as good as the right :/

  2. It looks amazing, I am helpless when it comes to applying nail varnish it goes every where and I am too impatient when it comes to letting it dry!


  3. This is fantastic! I love how you measured how long it took you by the length of a Harry Potter film! Which one?! That's the real question! ;) I wish I had the patience to do such lovely nails. I am forever messing up my nails by knitting too quickly after applying and before they have dried!



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