Recently I’ve been...

Eating - the blackberries growing in my Mum and Dad’s garden, whilst I’m staying here for the week cat sitting. This also means I’m without my trusty camera so I’m relying on phone pictures for now.

Reading – the latest issue of Mollie Makes outside in the sunshine. I adore the rose and heart cross stitch that came with it. Can’t wait to start that!

Painting –this old mirror for our flat. I found it in my Mum and Dad’s attic a few weeks ago and was given permission to paint and keep it – love free stuff! So far I’ve removed the mirror and sanded down the pine frame. It’s going to be white with a shabby chic finish; well that’s the plan at least. That’s the cat making an appearance there.

Loving – our new tea towels. I brought these in Marks and Spencer last week, just £4 for three in their sale! The colours match our kitchen perfectly and the plate and tea cup illustrations are so cute that I’m almost tempted to frame one.


  1. Gorgeous tea towels! Can't wait to see your finished shabby chic project! :-) x
    Jo | adventuresandteaparties.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Cats always know how to get in the picture don't they?! Mine is exactly the same!
    Those berries look so yummy!
    K x


  3. So many lovely things! Fresh berries are such a sweet treat! That issue of Mollie Makes looks like fun! Can't wait to see how your cross stitch turns out!

  4. Oh those tea towels are so cute ... one framed in the kitchen would be lovely ... Bee xx

  5. I SO bought that Mollie Makes too! I attempted the cross stitch while in rather a tired state and have unfortunately fudged it up! I need to fix it! It's so cute! X



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