DIY distressed mirror frame

This is the first thing I’ve made specifically for our flat, we have a big space above our (electric) fireplace and it was in desperate need of filling. It makes the room look both bigger and brighter, but the best bit, is that it was completely FREE! I found the mirror in my parents’ attic and then used a piece of sandpaper I already had and then leftover white paint from my parents’ garage. Just to be clear I did ask them before I started taking and DIY-ing things!

You obviously don’t need a step by step guide, but one top tip I did pick up was that when distressing the painted frame wrapping the sandpaper around a block made it much weightier, this made it easier to chip the paint giving a more realistic distressed look. I really love how it looks close up.

Here’s the before shot (I forgot to take one before removing the mirror)...

And here’s after...


  1. I'd love to have a go at something like this but I'm a bit scared of making holes in the walls of our rented flat! You've done a lovely job of this. X

    1. Thanks, ours is rented too but luckily there was already a nail in the wall from previous renters! x

  2. That looks so good, i'd be tempted to do it with photograph frames too!

  3. Love that close up, really effective and very much improved from the original. :)



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