The Eden Project

Whilst in St Ives we spent a rainy Tuesday at the Eden Project, this it turned out was an idea had by pretty much everyone else in Cornwall. Nevertheless after a slight traffic jam and ticket queues that luckily looked worse than they were... we were in!

It had just stopped raining as we arrived so we spent some time looking around the outside of the domes, I don’t know much anything about plants but it was nice to wander all the same. We came across sculptures, interesting facts about the Cornish landscape and lots of wet flowers as well as some exciting views of those famous domes (biomes).

We headed into the rainforest biome first and it was definitely tropically humid in there, my camera lens went foggy and there were a lot of people. The Mediterranean biome was much calmer and there was space to sit and admire your surroundings (something you could do outside if you visit on a day without torrential downpours) they also had a really good looking restaurant.

It was an nice day, I wasn't overwhelmed but I did like some of the sustainability and fair trade messages you come across as you go around – it really made you think. They also upgrade your ticket into an annual pass if you gift aid, which is good as the entrance fee is fairly steep for a day trip.


  1. Ooh, I would love to vist the Eden project. Your photos are very pretty. x



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