Holidays and homes

I’ve got two pieces of very exciting news to share with you... firstly on Sunday I’m off to St. Ives for a few days for a well earned holiday (so need a break from work!) and secondly as soon as we get back the boyfriend and I are moving into our first flat together!

It’s perhaps not ideal that we’ve ended up going on holiday and moving house in the same week, but we get back from St. Ives on Thursday and then have three days to move and sort ourselves out before work on Monday.

So, as I’m just not organised enough to schedule any posts in my absence it’ll be a quiet week on floral and feather but I’ll be back the week after with holiday pictures and a sneak peek at our new flat! *Spoiler alert* it has a turquiose wall in the kitchen...

A picture from our idyllic holiday in Devon last year – I’m hoping St. Ives lives up to it.

Plus apparently google reader is disappearing while I'm gone so if you'd like to follow me on bloglovin you can find me here - http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/3410443

Have a lovely week :)


  1. Oh congratulations on your new home and hope you have a brilliant holiday ... Bee xx

  2. If the weather is good like it's supposed to be, St Ives will definitely live up to your expectations. It's simply beautiful. Please post some pictures and I'll promise not to get too jealous! Ex



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