Finished project – neon knitting

Last week I finished some more knitted gloves, this time requested by the boyfriend who was impressed with my heart gloves. I used the same pattern for him and simply missed out the heart bit! He chose the wool - I really wasn’t sure about the neon green to start with and at least managed to convince him to go with grey for the ends. The pictures really don't do the neon-ness justice, but it was fun to knit with such a bright colour and I’ve even got enough left to start a matching scarf, maybe in the opposite colour way - grey with green edges? I’m going to try and keep both hidden until December and they can be Christmas or birthday presents. The scarf pattern I’m going to use is a simple ribbed one from ravelry and I’m already eyeing up wool colours to make one for myself as well...

Hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. Those are lovely! You're such a good knitter :) Guessing your bf doesn't read your blog then? Or the Christmas surprise is kind of ruined... Haha xxx

    1. Thanks :) Haha, no I show him the occasional post but other than that he shows no interest! xxx

  2. These are fantastic - I love the neon and grey and think grey with green edges would be perfect for the scarf. My other half never reads my blog either!



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