DIY cameo brooch

I’ve been looking for a cameo style brooch for a while now; the inspiration came when watching a recent TV programme recreating a pride and prejudice ball and after being unable to find 'the one' in local charity shops I figured it was time for a DIY. Making it myself also meant I got to choose the silhouette used and this one is (according to google) Jane Austen herself. I considered making the brooch from felt by decided shrink plastic would give a nicer effect and think the modern plastic compliments the silhouette style.

I used the same method as my shrink plastic butterfly necklace, which can be found here. The picture above gives and idea of the size you need before shrinking. After shrinking I simply glued a brooch pin back onto the back of the plastic and left it to dry. You can make the entire thing in about half an hour!

It’s so quick and simple, the perfect way to jazz up a plain jacket. Plus it was a nice excuse for a bit of black and white photography.

1 comment:

  1. That looks lovely! I think it's high time I bought some of this shrink plastic stuff- it looks like a lot of fun :) xx



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