This week I’ve been...

...buying a bargain blazer - £7 from h&m, how could I say no? It also replaces my old, once black but now a rather faded grey, blazer from Primark and is the perfect size, not too fitted, not too big.

...sorting through all my important documents, keeping the ones that are actually important and filing them into these pretty storage boxes (£2.50 from tesco). It’s a job that’s been hanging over me for a while and I feel much better now everything is more organised! Plus shredding stuff is quite fun.

...trying my first night cream, I’ve used this nivea pure and natural cream every night for a week now and my skin feels much healthier. I’ve also discovered that Sudocreme is brilliant for getting rid of the odd spot in a hurry.

1 comment:

  1. Love those boxes, and the labels look really sweet too!

    Well done on the bargain blazer :) I have a similar bargain one from a BHS kids sale. The sleeves are 3/4 length on my lengthy orang-outang arms, but I love the fact it has a little label on the inside to write my name and class on! Haha




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