A very colourful visit to Wakehurst Place

It’s funny how things turn out isn’t it, I spent Sunday getting excited over neon orange branches, yellow trees and other (almost) spring colour, and yet today the colour of winter/spring appears to be white. Yes, snow white to be precise. Again.

So to remind us all that the white stuff won’t last forever, here are some of my pictures from Mother’s Day this Sunday and our trip to Wakehurst Place in West Sussex, a garden run by Kew and the National Trust. I wasn’t really expecting more than to go for a bit of a walk and have a cup of tea with my Mum and I’d assumed the gardens would be bare, brown and green, like most of the countryside and our own garden at this time of year. I was very wrong...

Ok, well there was some brown and green by the mansion and lake.

This last one is called Daphne and smells amazing, I've no idea why no one seems to sell Daphne scented candles - I'd buy one.


  1. I love Wakehurst- it's beautiful at any time of year :) We've been twice so far- in summer and autumn, and there has been something new to discover each time.

    1. Yes I have been once in the summer, but that was years ago, so will have to go back later this year!

  2. I love wakehurst. Am a bit gutted out national trust has expired...it twas a perfect Sunday treat!



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