Cross-stitch and cranberry flapjacks aka Sunday afternoon

I’ve probably mentioned this before but I love Sunday afternoons. By this time in the weekend I’ve usually finished everything I needed to do and as it’s not a time I ever really make plans for, I get to do anything I fancy. This weekend it was cross stitch and baking. Cross-stitch has been on my craft list for ages and I started with a simple heart in preparation for the boyfriend’s Valentine’s Day card. I made the stitches up myself for this one (even I can just about manage a heart) but I’m desperate to try a more exciting design. All the patterns I’ve seen so far look quite dated – can anyone recommend a good book / magazine / website / blog with some modern designs?

I also found the time to make some cranberry flapjacks, definitely a favourite of mine. I can share the recipe if anyone is interested but basically just add dried cranberries to the mixture before baking. They always go down well in our house –I may have had three on Sunday alone. However, seeing as dried cranberries are supposed to be very good for you I'm hoping cranberry flapjacks can’t be that bad!


  1. Your heart looks like it is going to be lovely. CrossSticher magazine is good - they have a making spot website: http://crossstitcher.themakingspot.com/
    also http://www.etsy.com/shop/weelittlestitches
    do cool pixel people cross stitch patterns. I've done The Big Bang Theory one for my niece.

    1. Thanks, I'll have a look at the making spot one - just had a look at the pixel people, my boyfriend loves The Big Bang Theory so will have to try that one too! :)

  2. Ooh yum! I second the recommendation for wee little stitches. Steotch is also brilliant - http://steotch.com/



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