Adventure is out there

Happy New Year to all! Seeing as it’s a new year, I’ve been spending some time looking back at last year and forward to the next. In just under two weeks my little blog will be one year old and I cannot believe how quickly this year has disappeared or how much I’ve enjoyed blogging. It’s encouraged me to try new things, be more creative, try and improve my photography and be more organised! Now that I work full time it can get a bit much trying to keep up a blog too, but seeing as every new comment and view, or even finding a new blog to read, still excites me as much as it did 12 months ago I have no plans to give up or slow down.

I also have big plans for next year, moving in with my boyfriend and (if I can save enough) a trip to America, as well as various day trips and craft projects! This brings me nicely onto the gorgeous embroidery pictured below, which seems very apt for this time of year. You might recognise it as the house from ‘Up’ a lovely Disney pixar film, providing you make it past the first depressing 10 minutes, and I was lucky enough to win the embroidery piece from Meredith at one sheepish girl earlier in the year. It sits on my window sill matching my curtains perfectly and reminds me that adventure is out there, bring on 2013!

ps. Up is on BBC1 at 6.30pm TODAY!

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  1. Thats a lovely prize! With a very wise message :) Happy New Year xx



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