Knitted baby (or bunny) socks

My lovely cousin has just had her second baby and after knitting her first one a hat I thought I’d try a pair of socks this time. They did go a bit wrong, but as long as you can’t see a picture of how they were supposed to look you’d never know! To see them in their full glory I thought I’d model them on a bunny that sits on my shelves and they look fairly good, I might even try a pair of adult socks next! I’ve been lucky enough to have a day off work today, although after working for 10 hours on Sunday I think I deserve it, so after I've posted these off to Ireland, I’ll be spending the rest of the afternoon watching Home Alone and doing a bit of Christmas crafting.


  1. Your cousin's baby is one lucky little person. I've tried socks before and know they're not the easiest... especially tiny ones. Great work

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

    1. Thanks, luckily babies don't worry too much about how they look!



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