Quick fix cupcake decorations

Last week I was asked to bake cupcakes for a party, it was rather last minute and typically during a seven day working week. So I barely had time to make the cupcakes, let alone craft some pretty sugar icing shapes to decorate them. But, in a rush round the local tesco I managed to find some cute Wafer Daisies and Sugar Butterflies from Dr. Oetker. They come in pretty pastel colours and were only a few pounds, I love the mix and match effect of using the daisies and butterflies; perfect for spring!  Next time I need cupcake decorations in a rush I’ll definitely be going back to these, they tasted good and the wafer daisies didn’t go soggy after a few hours, which I was worrying about.

I also discovered a bit of a top tip when icing the cakes. In my lack of spare time I made the icing and then left it in the fridge overnight, knowing I wouldn’t have time to make the icing and decorate them before work. The chilled icing was so much easier to use with the icing bag and seemed to keep its shape much better, has anyone else found this? I think I’ll be doing it that way again!



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