Oxfam - the big bra hunt

This weekend I spent a few hours sorting through my wardrobe, trying to get rid of all the clothes I don’t wear. I’m your typical ‘I’ve got loads of clothes but nothing to wear’ kind of girl and since seeing the gorgeous outfit posts of many a fashion blogger I’ve decided something must be done, firstly by getting rid of the items I will never wear again. I’ll admit this didn’t go particularly well, but I did discover something interesting in the process. So I’ve got a question for you...

What do you do with your old bras?
Sorry if that’s a bit personal, but while I give lots of unwanted clothes to charity I never considered giving them my unwanted bras. Until of course my friend (who I’d rung for impartial advice over the white mini skirt that’s been languishing in my wardrobe since university) mentioned Oxfam’s latest campaign ‘The Big Bra Hunt’.

Basically Oxfam want your unwanted bras- either to sell in their UK stores (I guess lots of others like me assumed bras were a no-go for charity shops) or to send to West Africa, where bras are difficult and costly to manufacture. Women from ‘Frip Ethique’ will then sell the bras at clothing markets, providing a valuable source of income for themselves and providing their customers with difficult to come by bras. All the details are on Oxfam’s website as well as a store locator to help find your nearest donation point.
I’ve found three that will be making their way to my local store this weekend (as well as the white mini skirt) to contribute to the one million that Oxfam hope to receive during April. How many unwanted bras are hiding at the back of your draws?

Image taken from Oxfam's website

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